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Housing Benefits for 18 - 21 year-olds

Rory Daniels, Welsh Lib Dem candidate for Llanelli says:

Young people in Wales deserve the same rights as everyone else. The Welsh Lib Dems will 
reinstate housing benefits for 18-21 year-olds.



Candidate for Llanelli

Rory is 19 years old, and a Political Economy student at King’s College London. There he is Vice President of the UN World Food Programme Society, and a campus tour guide.

Youth concerns are at the heart of Rory’s campaign. Wherever possible, he’s looked to put young people on the agenda. Past projects include organising a college Political Awareness Day attended by over 400 students, and serving as a college Governor, representing students on the Corporation Board. His latest project builds upon a Youth Participation Report he’s produced, with his goal being to reform the way the Liberal Democrats engage with youth members.

Crucially, he sees his age as an asset, not a burden. Rory believes that for too long, the views and concerns of young people have been side-lined, and it’s about time that changed. A passionate European, like many people his age Rory is committed to fighting for Britain’s, and Wales’ place in the European Union. The opportunities it offers for young people, and has offered Llanelli, make it invaluable for our future prosperity.

Having lived in Wales for most of his life, Rory’s certainly no stranger to Welsh issues. He firmly believes that Wales needs a strong voice fighting its corner in Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations, to send the message that the United Kingdom contains more than just England. Through working on a voluntary basis for Mark Williams in the Houses of Parliament, Rory has had great experience in addressing the concerns of Welsh families and businesses.

In the party, Rory holds the roles of By Election Coordinator and London Regional Chair for the London Regional Executive. On a federal level, he also holds the role of Welsh Representative on the Federal People’s Development Committee, as well as its Membership Sub-Committee.

There are over 10,000 people under 30 years of age in Llanelli. This election, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have the perfect chance to offer these constituents somebody who truly represents them. 

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