Wefan Gymraeg

Health and Social Care


Everyone knows that Welsh Labour's stewardship of our health and social care services has been disastrous. Youth mental health services in crisis, cancer treatment targets that have never been met, the worst ambulance response times in the UK; that's just the tip of the iceberg of the legacy Welsh Labour Ministers will leave behind.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats want to build a healthier society and a stronger Welsh NHS. Our vision is for an integrated health and social care service that looks after you wherever you are in Wales - north or south, urban or rural.

We want to see more nurses on Welsh hospital wards. Our plan for safe nurse staffing levels will ensure better care for patients, increase staff morale and even save our NHS money.

But we recognise that the problems in the Welsh NHS run too deep for any one person, organisation or party to deal with alone. That's why the Welsh Liberal Democrats want a cross-party commission with staff and patient representatives to plan for the future of our health and social care services.

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