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Hard Brexit will be devastating for millions, says Mark Williams MP

Commenting on Theresa May’s announcement that Britain will leave the Single Market, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Mark Williams MP, said;

“The Prime Minister’s speech will do nothing to hide the fact that voters have no confidence in this Tory Brexit Government to negotiate the best deal for Britain.

“Despite the realities of Brexit starting to bite, the Tories will pursue a Hard Brexit, a devastating reality for millions across Britain who will face climbing food and fuel prices and a weakening pound.

“Theresa May says she wants to avoid a cliff edge exit for Britain, yet the lack of vision, the vague and empty slogans, and her disastrous plans for take Britain out of the Single Market, paint a picture of Theresa May dangling Britain by the ankles over the White Cliffs of Dover.

“As Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour have handed the Tories a Brexit blank cheque, the Liberal Democrats will hold this Brexit Government to account and fight for Britain’s place in the Single Market.”

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