Wefan Gymraeg

Improved access to your GP

Too often people struggle to get a timely appointment with their GP.  The Welsh Liberal Democrats will end this unfairness.

We will invest in primary care, providing extra support in local communities for the people with most complex medical needs.  This will free up GP’s time to see patients quicker.

The Welsh Lib Dems will also deliver a properly funded Access to GPs scheme, to help ensure timely appointments and allow GP practices to work better together.

The Access to GPs scheme would let GPs themselves decide the best ways forward, depending on local need. This would allow GP practices to employ more GPs, to extend opening hours, or to provide services at home.

The Welsh Lib Dems would also encourage GP practices to work together in federations to provide better services across Wales. We will also introduce a GP Patient Survey to ensure our NHS is putting patients first.


Quick poll:

How long after contacting the surgery did you actually see or speak to your GP or nurse?

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