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Gove 'plumbing the depths of cynicism' on farm subsidies

Commenting on Michael Gove’s speech stating that Farm subsidies 'must be earned', Welsh Lib Dem Rural Affairs Spokesperson Cllr William Powell said;

“The Government’s decision to play hard and fast with the livelihoods of Wales’ farming communities, the backbone of rural Wales, will not protect farmers or grow the industry. Nor will it deliver the environmental standards the Government wishes to see. 

“If the Conservatives are committed to protecting farmers and their communities, the government would back down from their reckless plans to drag the UK out of the single market and come clean on plans to fund the industry post 2022. 

“Welsh Liberal Democrats are as committed as any to the development of farming in any environmentally responsible way. However, Mr Gove is plumbing the depths of cynicism here, by preparing an ‘environmental alibi’ for himself, when the true cost of his Brexit dreams are visited upon hard working Welsh farmers.

“The decisions this government makes now will have consequences long into the future. Decisions about rural Wales and the farming industry must be made based on evidence, understanding, accountability – and the absolute imperative of food security. That lies with the Welsh Government in Cardiff Bay, not Ministers in Whitehall.”

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