Wefan Gymraeg

Get involved

You can get involved in policy in more depth by joining a Policy Working Group or the Welsh Policy Committee.

Sit on a Policy Working Group

Both the Welsh Policy Committee and Federal Policy Committee, which are responsible for the party’s policy-making process, can set up Policy Working Groups to research and write a Policy Paper for debate at Conference.

Any member can apply to sit on a group and the Committees will select group members based on their applications. The Committees look for a range of people with different experiences and backgrounds.

The Working Groups focus on broad topic areas, such as Health or Education, and are asked to produce a Consultation Paper, which is discussed at Conference, and a Policy Paper which is debated at the following Conference.

There are no current calls for applications for Working Groups.

Welsh Policy Committee

Every two years, the party elects a Policy Committee which is responsible the Welsh Liberal Democrat's policy-making process and for commissioning research and policy development. It is also responsible for developing all manifestos for elections in Wales, including the Welsh Assembly Election Manifesto and Welsh manifestos for Westminster and European elections.

The Policy Committee is chaired by Alec Dauncey, and has 6 elected members, an elected representative to our Federal Policy Committee, and members representing our youth and student wing IR Cymru and our councillors. Peter Black AM also sits on the Policy Committee as our Manifesto Coordinator.

The next elections are taking place in Autumn 2016. 

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