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Ford Bridgend another devastating casualty of Brexit

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have responded to Ford Europe’s decision to close their Bridgend plant; claiming it is another example of the destructive consequences of Brexit for the Welsh economy.

The decision means the factory’s 1,700 workers will lose their jobs. Workers were still reeling from the decision in February this year to cut a total of 990 jobs at the plant.

Trade union leaders are being told the news this morning at a meeting at Ford’s Essex headquarters.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds said:

This is devastating news for workers, their families and the wider community. The effects of this decision will be felt across the Welsh economy, but nowhere as acutely as in Bridgend.

The Welsh and UK Governments must urgently do all they can to support employees, help them find new work and protect Bridgend’s economy. However, we must accept that nothing can stop this being a dark day for Bridgend and the Welsh car industry.

Ford Bridgend has become yet another devastating casualty of Brexit. This year we’ve already seen Honda announce the closure of its Swindon plant and several carmakers temporarily shutdown their factories. How much longer are we prepared to allow this to continue?

This is yet more evidence we must give the people the final say and the opportunity to choose an Exit from Brexit. Only by stopping Brexit can we save jobs and protect the Welsh economy.

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