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Focus on Jane Dodds and her campaign team

One of my General Election campaign highlights was meeting the activists in Newtown today. Our Montgomeryshire candidate Jane Dodds heads a highly motivated, skilled and competent team – no wonder the book makers put her a close second with quite good odds for a potential Lib Dem gain.


The atmosphere in the Liberal office, a stunning building from 1620, was buzzing with excitement and can-do attitude. Among the crowd were several of the 17 recently elected Lib Dem county councillors, still glowing from the joy of their success at the ballot box. 

I'm personally chuffed about Jane's great bookies odds because I happen to know her from several Welsh Lib Dem conferences and think a lot of her, politically as well as a person. 

I’ve met Jane at a Lib Dem Conference in Wrexham. I had no idea then who she was and what she stood for. All I remember was a lovely lady who spoke with good manners who could hold her own in discussions. I liked her and was taken in by her friendliness and welcoming attitude towards me. As I spoke to people at the conference I learned that Jane was quite an activist and had already made a name for herself in Montgomeryshire, campaigning for health care, environment and social services.

If you look at her website, Facebook page and twitter stream you can see how active a candidate she is, and that's all year round, not just during this election campaign.potters.jpg

“Might well be our next MP,” a friend who lives in the area reckons. “Wouldn’t mind that at all, and so would quite a few of us. Time we had an MP who’s in touch with the people and the issues at hand.”
I would like to think so, too. After all, Labour can't win in the constituency, so it's between an old guy for the Conservatives and our dynamic Jane.

To come back to the meeting: It must have been one if the most efficient ones I've experienced. Everyone was focused and well prepared and plans and action points were drawn quickly, but all in a calm and confident manner. If you ever need to experience the calm inside a Lib Dem campaign team show up at their beautiful Liberal office in Newtown, Montogmeryshire.

Jane Dodds is the Lib Dem candidate for Montgomeryshire

Candidate for Montgomeryshire.


Jane has worked in the public sector for over 20 years as a child protection social worker, and has worked with refugee children and trafficked children.  Jane has severed as a local councillor, a school governor and as a trustee of a family centre in Montgomeryshire. Jane is passionate about homelessness and established a volutary community organisation which works with people who are homeless.  Raised inNorth Wales in a Welsh speaking family, Jane and her husband now live in Welshpool.

As a woman and a worker in the public sector, Jane believes passionately in parliament being more representative of voters. Jane's background in working with those in need of protection drives her commitment to delivering a society that protects those who are vulnerable and need our support. 

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