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Financial help for your campaign

We all know that campaigns cost money and that often cash can be a bit short. That's why we thought it would be useful to state all the different funds that are available to your campaign team.

Ethnic Minority Candidates Fund

As Welsh Liberal Democrats, we believe it’s vital for our party to improve diversity at a local level, increasing representation of under-represented groups, programmes of membership and supporter engagement, and helping candidates with the cost of conferences.

The Ethnic Minority Candidate Fund is aimed at supporting our ethnic minority candidates (whether standing for the Senedd, Welsh Councils or Westminster Parliament constituencies in Wales) to campaign and to get elected.

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ALDC's Fighting Fund

ALDC’s Fighting Fund was set up to help Lib Dem campaigners fight key local government by-elections and to get campaigns going in development areas. We are now able taking applications for grants from this fund.

The fund has been set up to help:

  • By-election fast track: Help make the most of local authority by-elections. If you’re fighting a by-election to win or it’s a ward that we are aiming to build up to win next time, then we can provide advice and a small grant to help.
  • Start up grants: ALDC also currently able to offer grants to people starting out by providing advice, training and a small ‘start-up’ grant to help a new team get going. This is available exclusively to council areas or local parties with no Lib Dem councillors at present.
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Access to Elected Office Fund Wales

The Access to Elected Office Fund Wales exists to assist disabled people who want to stand for elected office with the additional impairment related costs that are a barrier to their participation in politics. It is administered by Disability Wales and funded by the Welsh Government.

Video: Disabled people in politics: Get involved!

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Young and Winning

The Young Liberals' Young and Winning programme aims to help young Liberal Democrats get elected. Support ranges from funding for election literature, to the organisation of national YL action days.

Applications close on Tuesday 1st March 2022.

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We hope you find this information useful and if you are aware of any other funding streams and grants, please do let us know so we can share with the wider party.

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