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Fathers to get six weeks paternity leave under Lib Dem plans

Liberal Democrats will give fathers an extra four weeks paternity leave under manifesto plans announced today.

Currently fathers are entitled to two weeks paternity leave but the Liberal Democrats want to go further and dedicate an extra four weeks exclusively to fathers. This will increase the protected paternity leave for dads to six weeks.

Father and baby

The Coalition is already introducing shared parental leave in April 2015, with the first parents eligible for the leave finding out they are expecting now.

Peter Black, the Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Equalities, said:

"I am pleased that the Liberal Democrats are making this important commitment, building on the action we've already taken in Government to introduce shared parental leave from next April.

"We need a parental leave system that recognises that all families are different and removes the outdated idea that a mother must stay at home to look after a new born baby. Introducing longer paternity leave will create flexibility in parents' working lives so that fathers can share the responsibility of caring for their new born children in those vital early weeks after birth.

"Making it possible for dads to stay at home for longer will also encourage more mums to return to work if they wish. This Liberal Democrat manifesto promise will help to build a stronger economy and a fairer society, where workers of both sexes are valued equally and are able to get on in life."

FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru have come out in support of the Lib Dem plans. Paul Apreda, their National Manager, said:

"We've been grateful for the support of Lib Dems in Wales for these sorts of policies that tackle thewidespread exclusion of fathers from the lives of children. We can now see how the party is translating words into action.

"This contrasts dramatically with the policies of Welsh Labour who are about to release new Parenting Guidance in Wales full of 'warm words' but containing no practical proposals whatever to tackle the widespread exclusion and marginalisation of fathers.

"Currently the Welsh Government has no idea how effective the services they fund are in working with men as they refuse to even record the gender of the parents engaged."

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