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Farron calls for ten tidal lagoons to create 34,000 jobs in Wales

In his speech at an event hosted by Policy Exchange today, Wednesday 22nd February, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron called on the government to be bold and create another 'Victorian' era of building, this time of green technology. 

Tim Farron said;

“The low carbon and no carbon economy will be underpinned and driven by industries which will be worth trillions globally in the next few decades.

“It is a new industrial revolution. We can do as the Victorians did and lead it, prosper from it, and stand tall across the globe as a consequence.

“Or we can look down our noses at it and be surpassed and relegated.”

"Tidal lagoons are not a one-stop solution but nevertheless have a key role to play in a low carbon economy, using technology that is already tried and tested.

“We have a Tory Government that went from hugging huskies to dismissing intelligent environmental policies as ‘green crap’, and a Labour Party that has no coherent vision for the environment, industry or the economy.

“The Prime Minister choosing to pander to President Trump hardly makes us any more optimistic that her next choices on climate change will be wisdom over transparent political short-termism.”

Welsh Lib Dem Energy Spokesperson, Cllr William Powell said; 

“I’m proud that it’s Tim Farron and the Liberal Democrats leading the calls for a new, green industrial revolution.

"Tackling climate change shouldn’t just be seen as an obligation, but more as an opportunity to build a stronger, greener economy here in Wales. With the right ambition, we can and must lead the way in renewable technologies and in creating a circular economy. From the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon to our commitment to introducing a Deposit Return Scheme on bottles, the Liberal Democrats are in the vanguard of progress.’’



On Wales - Our ambitious, long-term plan would also give the immediate go-ahead to the world’s first Tidal Lagoon at Swansea Bay, and a commitment to a whole programme of tidal lagoons on Britain’s shores – up to ten over the next two decades, including at Cardiff, Colwyn Bay, Newport and Morecambe Bay.

This would generate over 34,000 jobs in Wales alone, and create opportunities for hundreds of businesses in the supply chain.

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