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Farmers need an Exit from Brexit

Speaking at the Royal Welsh Show, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have called for an exit from Brexit to protect Welsh agriculture and rural communities.

90% of Welsh agricultural exports go to the single market, including 92% of lamb exports.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Rural Affairs Mark Williams said:

Rural communities in Wales benefit immensely from the EU. Rural economies rely on freedom of movement and the EU workers it provides, rural tourist industries rely on EU visitors and our stunning natural environments are protected by EU law. What does Brexit offer apart from chaos and uncertainty?” 

Welsh Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Agriculture Cllr William Powell commented:

Membership of the EU and access to the single market is vital to the continued success of Welsh agriculture.

A hard Brexit would end Welsh food’s protected status, potentially flood Welsh markets with chlorinated chicken and cut Welsh farmers off from their crucial European export markets. This cannot be allowed to happen.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds added:

Many Welsh farmers may have voted to leave in 2016, but they deserve to have their say again once the terms of the final deal are known.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats will continue to fight for the people to have the final say and the opportunity to choose an exit from Brexit.

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