Wefan Gymraeg


Welsh Liberal Democrats want Britain to remain a member of the EU because we are fighting for a stronger economy and Welsh jobs. As an EU member, Wales benefits every year from £144 million more than we pay in. In particular, West Wales and the Valleys have received £1.8 billion in EU support.

Being in Europe also allows Britain to project strength in the world when negotiating climate change agreements, in trade talks with global players like the USA and China, and when introducing sanctions against countries like Russia.

But that doesn’t mean the European Union is perfect: far from it. Welsh Liberal Democrats want to reform the EU so that it concentrates on doing the things it's good at such as creating jobs, fighting climate change and combatting cross-border criminal gangs, but stays out of decisions better decided at national, devolved or local levels. We’ll ensure that migrants from the EU come to work or study, not to claim benefits.


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