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Environment Bill must do more to tackle climate change and stop loss of nature

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are today calling for more ambitious climate change targets, stronger commitments to halt the loss of biodiversity in Wales and more concerted efforts for Wales to become a Zero Waste Nation.

Speaking in the debate on the General Principles of the Environment Bill this afternoon, William Powell, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for the Environment will say:

“When it comes to climate change targets I think we can and must to do better. I believe there is a strong case for Wales to set a legally binding target to bring net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050, rather than a reduction of 80% as currently outlined in the Bill. The targets in this Bill need to be more ambitious and also need to show a greater commitment to generating energy from renewable sources.

“In the context of biodiversity loss, existing targets on biodiversity have consistently been missed and more must be done to halt the degradation of species and habitats in Wales. It is therefore vital that this Bill does more to protect and restore biodiversity and I call on the Welsh Government to accept recommendations made to this affect so that the Bill can be improved.

“Another key issue for the Welsh Liberal Democrat’s is for this Bill to put on a statutory footing existing aims for Wales to be a Zero Waste Nation with targets to reduce the amount of waste we produce as a nation.

“Ultimately, this Bill is about ensuring that we are living within our environmental limits, and whilst elements of this Bill take us very positively in that direction, I believe there is more to be done and more scope for Wales to ensure that we are not living at the expense of and detriment to our natural surroundings.”

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