Wefan Gymraeg

Topical Motion

Ending Violence Against Women in Wales

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Proposed by The Welsh Young Liberals

Conference regrets:

  1. The murder of Sarah Everard by a serving Police Officer who was able to abuse his power to detain her unlawfully.
  2. That another 79 women have been killed in acts of violence or in suspicious circumstances since Sarah Everard’s murder.
  3. That sexual violence, sexual harassment, and domestic abuse remain endemic in our society.
  4. The impact of extreme misogynistic groups online.
  5. That the justice system is failing many victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Conference believes:

  1. Everyone, regardless of identity, has the right to live a life free from fear and violence.
  2. Disclosures of abuse must be made easier and always taken seriously by authorities who offer a trauma-informed response.
  3. An intersectional approach is imperative to provide high level care and support to the most vulnerable victims of gender-based violence.

Conference calls on Welsh Government to:

  1. Establish a Commission to look at ways of preventing men’s violence against women and girls in all its forms to report within one year.
  2. Secure long-term funding for specialist services for victims of violence, including BAME and LGBT+ services.
  3. Ensure that the duty on public services to ‘Ask and Act’ is used and embedded across our communities.

Conference calls on UK Government to:

  1. Make misogyny a hate crime.
  2. Introduce mandatory training for police and those involved in the justice system in understanding the impact of trauma on victims.
  3. Improve access to independent legal support for victims, including those with no recourse to public funds.

Amendment 1

Proposed by 20 Party Members

In Conference Regrets:

  • Insert a new item 6 “The increasingly toxic working environment in which many women find themselves trapped”

In conference Believes:

  • Insert a new item C and renumber subsequent items “C. That political parties should lead by example.”

Insert at end a new section with 5 actions:

  • “Conference calls for
  1. The Welsh Lib Dems appoint a member as a White Ribbon Ambassador.
  2. The ambassador, working though the Membership Development committee, undertake the relevant actions to enable the Welsh Liberal Democrats to become a White Ribbon Supporter Organisation.
  3. Welsh members on the Federal People Development Committee to raise the issue with a view to encouraging the Federal Party to become a White Ribbon Accredited Organisation.
  4. Welsh Lib Dem councillors, in councils that have not already done so, to bring forward motions to request their council to seek White Ribbon Accredited Organisation Status.
  5. Individual members to raise the profile of the White Ribbon in their other activities”