Welsh Lib Dems launch ambitious energy proposals

May 6, 2014 1:21 PM

The Welsh Liberal Democrats today launched bold and comprehensive energy proposals which build a roadmap for Wales' energy future and outlines how the party would deliver on ambitious energy targets in Government.

The policy paper 'Powering Wales' Future' is ambitious for Wales, with a target to produce enough renewable and low-carbon energy to cover our needs and provide export potential by 2050. Amongst the proposals, the party calls for:

William Powell AM (Stephen Radford)William Powell AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on Energy and the Environment, said:

"'Powering Wales' Future' contains ambitious proposals for Wales to generate enough energy for our own needs through renewable and low carbon sources by 2050.

"Regrettably, decades of under investment have left the Welsh and UK generation network years behind our European counterparts, so it is time for radical changes to the way we deliver energy.

"For too long now our energy generation has been corporate heavy, focused on extracting the resource and giving little back to our communities. Our energy policy would change this, with proposals for planning reforms to enable more small scale community renewables and support for community energy co-operatives.

"Our energy proposals give us wide scope to develop the kind of low carbon, mixed grid approach we need. Equally, we need to be aware that it is in the next 10 years that the decisions will have to be made to 'keep the lights on' in 2050."

You can read more about our ambitious energy plans by clicking here.

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