Post-16 funding proposals need clarity - Aled Roberts AM

May 15, 2013 10:00 AM

Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Education Spokesperson Aled Roberts has called for clarity in proposed changes to Post-16 funding in Wales. The proposals are contained in the Welsh Government's Post-16 Planning and Funding Review: Final report which was published this week.

Commenting, Aled Roberts said:

"Any funding programme has to ensure that students are given the best opportunities whilst ensuring that public money is spent efficiently and effectively.

"It is clear from my experiences as a member of the Children and Young People Committee that deficiencies currently exist in ensuring that the funding system takes account of both the needs of employers and the subsequent destinations of students.

"Given the scale of change and the tight timescale over the timetable - particularly with regard to the work to be undertaken by Careers Wales during 2013 in respect of the Common Area Prospectus and Electronic Application Process - it will be crucial that the organisations involved are clear about their responsibilities.

"There is clearly a need for more commonality between the 14-19 networks as well as a need to ensure individual institutions, local authorities and teaching unions are fully engaged in the process given the potential financial impacts on individual institutions and on staff.

"It is unclear from today's statement which employer organisations will be participating in further consultation prior to new guidance being produced in September and I look forward to more details being made available as the project progresses."

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