Aled Roberts AM ‘shocked’ neo-natal changes not referred to Minister

February 21, 2013 1:29 PM

Responding to the news that Betsi Cadwaladr Community Health Council says it's not referring the controversial neo-natal changes proposed by the Health Board to the Health Minister, Aled Roberts, Assembly Member for North Wales, commented:

"I am surprised and shocked by the fact that none of the Health Board's proposals have been referred to the Health Minister.

"The Community Health Council is supposed to be there to represent the views of the people of North Wales - it has failed to do that today. This whole process raises serious questions about what is the point of a Community Health Council.

"There is a serious issue about transparency here. Just last week, North Wales AMs met with members of the Community Health Council and at that time they were not satisfied with the Health Board's plans to transfer neo-natal services to Arrowe Park. What has happened in the space of a week that has made them change their minds? I urge the Health Council to release the additional evidence that they refer to in their statement and make it available so it can be further scrutinised. It is also imperative that the minutes from their last meeting are made available.

"In my view, there were sufficient grounds for the Health Council to refer the planned downgrading of our neo-natal services to the Health Minister and I am stunned that they haven't done so. The Health Council needs to explain why it has come to this decision, as in my opinion, it is completely the wrong one."

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