Welsh Lib Dem Shadow Ministers at the coalface

October 9, 2012 1:08 PM

Welsh Liberal Democrat spokespeople in the National Assembly will spend the autumn term gaining valuable experience and a better understanding about their portfolio by spending time at the coalface, Kirsty Williams has announced today.

The Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats and her Assembly colleagues will dedicate their time working with people from various areas of Welsh life and use their experiences to hold the government to account and suggest improvements where needed.

Examples of where AMs will gain experience:

Kirsty Williams - Health- Community Health Nurse

Aled Roberts - Education - Classroom assistant

Peter Black - Housing - With Housing Options looking for solutions on preventing homelessness

William Powell - Environment - Flood protection work with Environment Agency Wales

Eluned Parrott - Transport - Shadowing Cardiff Central Station Manager

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"Over the autumn Assembly term, Welsh Liberal Democrat AMs will be spending time working with people who work on our front lines, in our classrooms, on our trains and in our hospitals. I want Welsh Liberal Democrat spokespeople to be able to speak with knowledge and experience about the portfolios they hold in the Siambr.

"When you visit a hospital ward, a bus depot or a recycling plant you sometimes get a sense of the issues facing the people working in the sector. However, when you spend a day in their company, doing what they do, you get a much better sense and understanding of what is really going on and that is what I want us to bring back to the Senedd.

"When I chaired the Health Committee, I was invited by the Royal College of Nursing to spend a Saturday night in a busy A&E department. It was an eye opener and I was able to speak with knowledge and understanding of the issues facing nurses, doctors, hospital staff and the intimate workings of a busy NHS.

"It is vitally important that if Assembly Members are to be holding Welsh Government ministers to account, we are able to speak with knowledge and experience about the issues in our portfolios. Contrary to popular belief, Assembly Members do not know it all and I urge spokespeople from other parties to take similar opportunities to better hold the Welsh Government to account and enrich the debates in the National Assembly."

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