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Welsh Government failing to provide the homes we need - Peter Black

September 13, 2012 10:19 AM

Statistics revealed today have shown that New House Building activity in Wales is down. The number of new houses starting to be built has decreased for the first time since 2008-09.

Although the number of completions has increased slightly (1%), the number of Registered Social Landlord completions has decreased by 16% during 2011-2012.

"This is sad news for so many young people who need a new home to live in" said Peter Black, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Housing. "The Welsh Assembly Government Holmans Report said we need 14,200 additional homes a year but we are nowhere near that. We need 5,100 of those homes to be in the non-market sector but Registered Social Landlords are creating fewer homes. Housing Waiting Lists are increasing but the supply is not able to meet the demand.

"Luckily, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have ensured, through negotiation with the Welsh Government, that a first-time buyer's mortgage guarantee scheme is introduced. This will enable those first time buyers who can afford the monthly repayment but struggle with a deposit to make their first step onto the housing ladder.

"We all know that finances are tough for everyone at the moment" said Mr Black, "but this step will help not just first time buyers, but also the Construction Industry in Wales. The Housing White Paper: For Better Lives and Communities will go some way to deal with the housing supply shortage but we need action now."