Time for Welsh Government to show their commitment to the Welsh economy – Kirsty Williams

July 17, 2012 12:16 PM

Following the recent rail infrastructure announcements by the Coalition Government, Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, has called on the Welsh Labour government to match the UK Coalition Government's commitment in boosting the Welsh economy.

Business leaders from all sectors of the Welsh economy strongly welcomed this announcement by the UK Coalition Government, stating that it will strengthen links between Wales and London.

The Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats is calling on the Welsh Government to match the UK Government's commitment to the Welsh economy by taking a more proactive and creative approach in supporting Wales' business sector.

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said:

"The recent rail infrastructure announcements by the UK Coalition Government have been extremely good news for Wales and it is clear that the business sector has responded very positively to this boost for the Welsh economy. What I want to see now is the Welsh Government reacting to this news by matching the priority the UK Coalition Government has shown to the Welsh economy.

"Labour's lethargic approach to business and economic development is costing Wales jobs and growth. As we all know, the Welsh Labour Government was incredibly slow off the mark when it came to establishing Enterprise Zones while English regions were ploughing ahead. The future of the Welsh Labour Government's Manufacturing Strategy is still unclear, and other cities across the UK are looking at and implementing an innovative way of funding regeneration in our cities. Welsh businesses are still waiting for the Welsh Government to make an announcement on better access to broadband - a tool vital for business development. The list of Welsh Labour Government inaction and commitment to our economy goes on.

"Just last month, an international Ernst and Young report revealed that while the UK is Europe's top destination for Foreign Direct Inward Investment, in 2011 Wales suffered the biggest fall in foreign direct investment. This chimes with other evidence to demonstrate that the Welsh Labour Government's lack of vision and co-ordination is costing Wales jobs. Sadly, I have seen little evidence that the Welsh Labour Government comprehends quite how serious this situation is. It seems that the Welsh Government is just sitting back and looking at companies set up in other parts of the UK while our economy struggles.

"The Coalition Government has given Wales the 'open for business' sign, it's now up to the Welsh Government to hang it up."

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