Awema: “The spotlight must be shone onto the links between ministers, a charity riddled with malpractice and the Labour Party” – Peter Black

February 9, 2012 5:52 PM

Responding to the Investigation Report on Funding for AWEMA, Peter Black AM, said:

"For ten years, the Labour government has stood by as millions of pounds of taxpayers money is wasted by a charity that has played fast and loose with public money.

"The Welsh Labour Government was repeatedly warned over the last decade that all was not well at Awema, however, they still continued to throw Welsh tax payers' money at this charity.

"This report is highly critical of a charity that has been wasting Welsh tax payers' money with cavalier abandon. It is astonishing that the Labour Government has the gall to blame others. They need to look closer to home.

"That key individuals involved in running the charity have now been suspended from the Labour party over this scandal only serves to highlight the cosy links between key Labour figures and this discredited charity.

"While further investigation by the Charity Commission and the Welsh Audit Office is welcome, it is clear that the spotlight must now be shone also onto the links between Government ministers, a charity riddled with financial malpractice and the Labour Party."

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