'Wales has a weak and short-sighted Labour Government' - Eluned Parrott

December 14, 2011 1:39 PM

Statistics released today show that unemployment in Wales is 133,00, up 11,00 over the last quarter.

The Office for National Statistics have also revealed that GVA per head (Gross Value Added - a measure output similar to GDP) stood at just 74% of the UK average, the lowest amongst the devolved countries and English regions.

GVA per head in Wales in 2010 was £15,145. This is the lowest amount, putting it behind Northern Ireland (£16,651), Scotland (£20,220) and England (£20,974). Wales' ranking has not changed since 1998 when it fell below Northern Ireland.

Commenting on today's figures, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Business Minister, Eluned Parrott, said:

"Wales now has an unemployment rate of 9.3%, 8,000 more than this time last year. For more than decade, the Welsh Labour Government has presided over a structurally weak economy and the people of Wales are paying the price for their failure.

"It comes as no surprise that Wales has been confirmed as UK's poorest nation. We have a weak and short-sighted Labour Government whose lack of ambition on the economy over the years has crippled small business and stifled any chance of significant growth.

"We need clear direction and leadership from the Business Minister, but instead all we get is excuses and blame directed elsewhere."

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