Labour Government’s approach to local government is often confrontational and dictatorial

September 28, 2011 2:58 PM
Originally published by Peter Black and South Wales West Liberal Democrats

Responding to the WLGA's comments regarding local government reorganisation and the Welsh Government's approach to local government, Peter Black, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Local Government Minister, said:

"The Labour Government's approach to local government is often confrontational and dictatorial. We are in favour of local government reorganisation to improve services and ease financial pressures but it must be done after discussion with various organisations, not just a decree from above.

"The Labour Government is floundering in the dark as to its reorganisation of services in Wales. We already have seven Local Health Boards, three regional transport consortia, four proposed education consortia and six proposed collaborative local government areas. This is not leadership from the Labour Government; this is their botched effort to control everything from the centre."

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