Kirsty Williams Outlines Welsh Liberal Democrats’ Legislative Priorities

June 14, 2011 11:51 AM

As Carwyn Jones prepares to make his Statement setting out the legislative programme for the Labour government, the Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader, Kirsty Williams, has outlined her priorities for legislation.

Kirsty Williams has identified five key areas in which the Welsh Liberal Democrats would support legislation in order to implement priority manifesto commitments. These include:

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"Today's Ministerial statement is the Welsh equivalent of the Queen's Speech. Wales now has direct law-making powers and this is the opportunity for the First Minister to set out a comprehensive legislative programme.

"We should not legislate for the sake of it but neither should we be afraid of using the new powers that we have where necessary.

"Today, I will be looking to the First Minister to show how he will legislate to improve the training and quality of teaching and to create a health spending watch dog to root out waste in our NHS.

"I want to see him announcing proposals so we can transfer powers back to local communities and to improve public transport provision in rural and urban Wales.

"Most importantly, the First Minister should today set out proposals that can drive the economic recovery, creating jobs and developing local economies by allowing councils to fund regeneration projects from future business rate income and by creating Enterprise Zones.

Notes to editors

During the election campaign, the Welsh Liberal Democrats set out our Legislative Priorities for the 4th Assembly:

Local Economies Bill

The Local Economies Bill would help drive a Welsh the economic recovery and create local jobs and developing local economies. The Bill would:

Teaching Standards Bill

The Teaching Standards Bill would put in place new streamlined structures for the training and development of teachers, driving up standards and challenging our teachers so we deliver for our children. This Bill would:

Health Spending Bill

The Health Spending Bill would:

Public Transport Bill

The Public Transport Bill would:


Community Bill of Rights and Localism Bill

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