April 4, 2011 12:01 AM

The Welsh Liberal Democrats will expose an example of the waste and inefficiency of Labour and Plaid Cymru in government on each day of the Welsh general election campaign.

Cutout of Kirsty WilliamsKirsty Williams struck a blow for more efficient government when she exposed the waste and inefficiency in International Business Wales (IBW). Last July, it was revealed that civil servants promoting Welsh business abroad charged nearly £750,000 to 35 assembly government credit cards on first class flights, lavish hotels and swanky meals in posh restaurants all over the world.

Following the revelation of the scandal by the Welsh Liberal Democrats, the Labour-Plaid Government was forced to conduct a review to ensure the civil service provided value for money. Measures taken, including relocating IBW's New York office from the expensive Chrysler building to the more modestly priced British Consulate, eventually saved more than £500,000 in its expenditure last year.

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"Labour bankrupted the UK and that is making life tough for everyone. When every family, charity and business is having to make every pound stretch that little bit further, Wales needs a government that does the same. Instead, we have had a Labour-Plaid administration that has turned waste and incompetence into an art form.

"That great Welsh figure, Nye Bevan, once talked about the 'language of priorities'. During this campaign we will be exposing Labour and Plaid Cymru's priorities in government and challenging them to justify their wasteful spending.

"We will be setting out how the Welsh Liberal Democrats would ensure that Wales can make better use of our money. The Welsh Liberal Democrats will root out government waste so that expensive schemes aren't dragging our economy down and the money we do spend makes a real difference to families.

"This isn't just talk. Welsh Liberal Democrats have already saved the Welsh taxpayer money by forcing the government to take action on the massive amount of waste we exposed in International Business Wales. Promoting inward investment to Wales is important but Labour and Plaid allowed officials to live it up, with a grossly extravagant lifestyle funded with our hard earned money."


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