Welsh Liberal Democrats launch policies to tackle Wales’ schools underperformance

February 10, 2011 12:57 PM

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have outlined the policies that they believe will be necessary to address and turn around Wales underperformance in schooling.

Two reports have been highly critical of educational standards in Wales and the latest figures reveal that Wales spends £604 less per pupil on education than in England.

Launching their policy document, Wales Deserves Better Schools, Welsh Liberal Democrats set out plans to:

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"Welsh schools were once the envy of the UK. Now, sadly, international comparisons show that that Wales results in reading and maths have fallen significantly below the OECD average and that Welsh students are falling behind their counterparts in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

"The Labour-Plaid government is failing our children who are now paying the price for the gross underfunding of schools over the last decade.

"Education is the key investment we can make for all our children. It is the route of out poverty, the key to ensuring sure that everyone can reach their full potential. Ultimately, its the way to make our economy strong and our country fairer."

Nigel Howells, Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate in Cardiff Central said:

"Our schools will only improve when we give teachers the tools and training they need to inspire our children. Pupils in Wales get £604 less spent on their education than in England. Welsh Liberal Democrats will start by giving education the priority it deserves"

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