Welsh Liberal Democrats launch proposals for National Cancer Plan

February 16, 2011 12:04 PM

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have set out their proposals for a National Cancer Plan for Wales. Launching their policy document, Wales Can Tackle Cancer, Welsh Liberal Democrats set out plans to develop a comprehensive National Cancer Plan for Wales to:

The document also highlights the inadequacies of the Labour-Plaid governments Wales approach to cancer prevention and treatment and sets out evidence that Wales is now slipping behind both Scotland and England in cancer prevention, detection and treatment.

Veronica German AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Minister, said:

"Under the Labour-Plaid government, Wales has slipped behind England, despite spending more per head on our health services. The Welsh Government has failed to develop proper strategies to improve the prevention and treatment of cancer, as Scotland and England have done. The result of this has been patients in Wales receiving worse services than patients over the border.

"Wales needs a cancer service that is focused on the patient and their family from diagnosis, treatment through to aftercare, remission and palliative care. In short, a service that doesnt stop when the treatment stops."

Commenting, Kirsty Williams AM, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"Wales can tackle cancer but it needs the government to give it the priority and attention that it deserves. Welsh Liberal Democrats have today set out plans to develop a comprehensive National Cancer Plan for Wales. We will redirect money currently in the NHS budget to fund newer medicines and modern equipment to tackle cancer. We will ensure better facilities to help cut waiting times and improve patients quality of life."

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