Burnham: iPlayer decision means licence fee payers lose out

October 22, 2009 8:28 AM

Eleanor Burnham, Assembly Member for North Wales hasexpressed her disappointment at the BBC Trust's decision to reject proposals to share the corporation's iPlayer with Channel 4, Five andITV.

Eleanor, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Culture, said: "It's a shame these proposals to share the iPlayer have fallen through. People who pay the licence fee and want to watch programmes from other broadcasters online will lose out.

"This is a prime example of where the BBC can and should be working to benefit both viewers and other broadcasters with public service obligations and they must be encouraged in this area. The BBC needs to accept the Trust's objections and bring forward revised proposals as quickly as possible. "The BBC has a duty to provide public service broadcasting and whilst other television companies are fighting cutbacks there is a danger that the democratic deficit we are experiencing in the newspaper industry will be repeated in broadcasting. "It is immensely important that plurality is maintained and the idea of sharing facilities such as iplayer should be cultivated."

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