Higher Education Strategy is nothing without detail and hard cash - Randerson

November 25, 2009 4:56 PM

Cementing on the publication of the Assembly Government s Higher Education Strategy: For Our Future, Welsh Lib Dem Shadow Education Minister, Jenny Randerson AM said: "Higher Education does need to change and I welcome the intentions behind this strategy, but without real detail on improving research and development and exploiting this to build a better economy, we will never build a world class Higher Education system.

"I am also deeply concerned that the parting gift from Jane Hutt that will be remembered, will not be this announcement but will be the devastating financial cuts in the draft budget and the ever widening gap between funding for Welsh Universities compared to England.

"Next year, Labour and Plaid Cymru are slashing 5% from across the University budget when they should be freezing central administration budgets and investigating the misspending of money in the NHS."

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