Wefan Gymraeg

Emergency Motion: Proposals for Senedd Reform

Proposed by the Welsh Board

Conference notes:

  1. Proposals for reform of the Senedd and elections to the Senedd ahead of the 2027 Welsh General Election, including:
    1. Increasing the number of Senedd Members to 96.
    2. Electing MSs using the Closed List D’Hondt Method.
    3. Pairing new Westminster Constituency boundaries to form 16 multimember Senedd constituencies to be later reviewed by the Boundary Commission for Wales.
  2. The work of the 2017 Expert Panel on Senedd reform.
  3. Welsh Lib Dem proposals to expand the Senedd and for democratic reform in the 2014 Policy Paper Paying Down the Democratic Deficit

Conference believes:

  1. That the current Senedd is ill-equipped to properly scrutinise government, generate innovative ideas, and meet the growing demands on legislative time arising from Brexit and the UK Government’s assault on devolution.
  2. That the electoral system should give voters meaningful choice, and should be fair and proportional ensuring that seats match the number of votes cast for a party.
  3. That the link between representatives and their constituents is crucial, which is why constituencies should be based on natural communities.
  4. That the proposals brought forward by Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru fail to meet these principles.

Conference calls on the Welsh Liberal Democrats to:

  1. Support increasing the number of MSs to 96.
  2. Work with others to bring forward amendments to elect MSs by STV.
  3. Work with others to bring forward amendments to form multimember constituencies based on Local Authority boundaries.