Wefan Gymraeg

Economy and Business


There's no doubt about it: the Welsh Labour Government has let our economy down. Years of poorly targeted investment, unaccountable enterprise zones and ineffective job creation schemes have left our urban areas run down and our rural communities run out. Combined with their role in letting the banks run riot, it's clear that Labour can't be trusted with our economy.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats want to build a stronger economy, where everyone has the opportunity to get on in life. Our vision is for a Welsh economy based on skills, creating high-value jobs to revitalise our market towns and rural communities.

We're already helping to build a stronger economy in Wales. We have:

  • Secured funding for 5,000 extra apprenticeships in the face of Welsh Labour budget cuts, helping our young people gain skills and get on the employment ladder
  • Invested £57 milion in super-fast broadband across Wales as part of the Westminster Coalition, enabling our rural economies to compete in the 21st century
  • Given businesses in Wales a tax cut in return for employing a young apprentice, driving down youth unemployment

But we want to go further. The Welsh Liberal Democrats will:

  • Revamp support for entrepreneurs, ensuring you get business support from other business people instead of bureaucrats
  • Create a Welsh Development Bank to invest in our small businesses and strengthen the backbone of our local economies
  • Fully review Welsh business rates that currently stifle our shops and enterprises, ensuring that any taxes are fair and proportionate to the size of the business
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