Wefan Gymraeg

Donna Lalek

Candidate for Alyn & Deeside

Demanding Better for Alyn & Deeside

As MP for Alyn & Deeside, Donna will demand better for our communities and champion an open, liberal and prosperous Britain.

  • Stop Brexit: Stop Brexit and build a prosperous, liberal Britain.
  • Tackle the climate crisis: Tackle the climate crisis and invest in renewable energy, creating green jobs.
  • Strengthen our communities: Strengthen our communities by fighting poverty, ensuring no communities feels left behind.

Donna and the Welsh Liberal Democrats need your support to deliver their positive plan for change and to Stop Brexit. 


Strengthen our communities in Alyn & Deeside

We are very fortunate in Alyn and Deeside to have one of Wales' biggest employers. Airbus in Broughton, where I live and grew up, directly employs more than 5,000 people. Airbus is a great example of European collaboration and Brexit, especially in the event of a No Deal, puts their future in North Wales at risk. When Vauxhall warned of potential further job losses at nearby Ellesmere Port Boris Johnson showed how little he considered or cared about ordinary people's ability to earn a living. BBC North West's Twitter feed summarised Prime Minister Johnson's comments as: "We are aware of their problems but we're still leaving EU on Oct 31".

We need someone who values the great range of skills, experience and knowledge we have in this country and someone who will fight for this to be developed not stifled by a No Deal Brexit. We need someone who will fight for local jobs and who realise, while the wider picture is important, what we are really talking about is people's ability to feed their families and lead a decent quality of life. I will fight for our jobs, our families and ensure as a nation and as individuals we have every possible opportunity to advance.


Back Donna and Demand Better for Alyn & Deeside

Donna and the Welsh Liberal Democrats need your support to deliver their positive plan for change, demanding better for Alyn & Deeside and to Stop Brexit.


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