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Ditching rail electrification ‘standard Tory’

The UK Government has today announced that plans to electrify the rail line between London and Swansea have been ditched. The plans were secured by the Liberal Democrats in government.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have slammed the decision, accusing the Conservatives of deliberately sidelining Wales.

Commenting on the decision, former Wales Office Minister Baroness Jenny Randerson said;

“This decision is standard Tory. Uninterested in Wales and happy to kick us in the teeth whilst at the same time pursuing an extreme Brexit which will hurt Wales most.

“Funding for the Cardiff to Swansea mainline was secured in 2012 by the Liberal Democrats in Government to supporting workers and businesses, and to deliver cleaner transport. This is vital investment for the future and nothing has changed.

“The Conservatives are a threat to our economy, people’s jobs and livelihoods in their pursuit of an extreme Brexit.”

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