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David Wilkins selected to fight Clwyd West again for Welsh Lib Dems

By Paul Harding, Sep 01, 2020 10:09

The Clwyd West Liberal Democrats have announced that David Wilkins has been selected to contest the Clwyd West constituency at the Senedd election next year.

David, who lives with his wife and young family in Rhos-on-Sea, stood in the December General Election where he over doubled the Lib Dem vote.

He teaches full time at a local secondary school and this first-hand experience has shown him just how important it is that we invest and support children’s education.

David is also a keen environmentalist and views tackling the climate emergency as the biggest issue we face. He wants to help create a society that supports everyone to fulfil their potential and succeed.

Commenting on his selection David Wilkins said:

“I am honoured to be standing once for more Clwyd West. I am standing because I’m fed up with inequality our communities are facing.

“It simply isn’t fair that our health services in North Wales are still in special measures, that there aren’t enough affordable family homes, that our high-streets suffer while global corporations rake in huge profits, and that there’s still no clear plan to tackle the climate emergency facing our planet.

“I’m standing to listen to the concerns of the electorate and put forward their voices, to work together to build a progressive, fairer and more equal Wales for all.”

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds said:

"I am really proud to have David join the growing ranks of Welsh Lib Dem candidates for Senedd election next year. He is a passionate campaigner who would be an outstanding champion for the people of Clwyd West.

“This election comes at a pivotal time for Wales. The outcome will decide how we reshape our society and what direction we take our country as we enter this brave new post-Covid world.

“We are committed to fighting for a fairer and more just Wales, one where everyone has both the opportunity to succeed and the support they need to do so.

“If that is what you want too, then join the Welsh Liberal Democrats and help us turn that vision into reality.”

Lord Roger Roberts of Llandudno added:

“I'm delighted that David Wilkins, who made a great impression at the 2019 General Election, is once again to fight Clwyd West.

“Brought up in the area and, now a teacher here no one know the area and its challenges better than him. He will be the best choice possible for Clwyd West.”

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