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David Wilkins

David lives with his wife and young family in Rhos-on-Sea. He is a teacher by profession and stood in the December General Election, where he over doubled the Lib Dem vote.

Teaching full time at a local secondary school has given him first-hand experience of just how important it is that we invest and support children’s education. He is passionate about continuing to invest in our children to give them the skills they need to succeed.

David is also a keen environmentalist and views tackling the climate emergency as the biggest issue we face and wants to see Wales embrace green technologies, such as tidal power, to both decarbonise our society and create well paying jobs for the future.

David believes in equality of opportunity, so is fighting for a society that values all people equally and grants the same opportunities and support to all to allow everyone to thrive.

You can email at: [email protected] 

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