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Cold, calculated attempt to undermine Wales

The UK Government has today published the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, which will give Ministers in Whitehall powers to make more unchallenged decisions than Henry VIII, it has been claimed.

The Bill strikes at the heart of the devolution settlement and the Welsh Liberal Democrats will do everything possible stop this cold and calculated attempt to undermine Wales.

Commenting, Baroness Christine Humphreys said; 

“This is a cold and calculated attempt to undermine the people of Wales, giving Ministers in Whitehall powers to overturn decisions made by our own elected government.

“People voted to Leave the EU because they felt that the EU was too powerful, too remote, and out of touch. People will equally reject a bloated bureaucratic Whitehall with greedy politicians making a grab for more powers.

“The Prime Minister promises a Brexit that works for every part of the United Kingdom, yet these are no more than empty words. She’s living in a fantasy world if she thinks that ignoring and undermining the people of Wales will achieve that aim. 

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