Wefan Gymraeg

Chris Passmore


Candidate for Llanelli

Chris has been an active member of the Liberal Democrats since 2014. He is the Membership Development & Media Officer of the Mid & West Wales party group and is also the Chair of the Party’s Candidates & Campaigns Committee. 

Chris is a passionate advocate for Remaining in the European Union, having been motivated to get involved in politics by the 2016 referendum. He founded the Carmarthenshire for Europe organisation and oversaw its development into a cross-party group which campaigns to highlight the numerous benefits the European Union brings to all of Carmarthenshire. 

His main passion is fighting to improve his local community of Llanelli, where he grew up. Having worked in both private and public sector he’s a keen advocate for finding a way to make both work for the whole country in a positive way. Chris is determined to fight to improve local government and ensure we protect and improve public services across Wales.

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Email: passmore_christopher@live.co.uk

Twitter: @ChrisPassmore1

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