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Chancellor U-turns on NIC increase - Welsh Lib Dems

Commenting on the Government’s U-turn on NIC increases for self-employed people, Mark Williams MP said;

“The Chancellor has now U-turned after breaking a promise in the Conservative manifesto. I and the more than 200,000 self-employed people in Wales will breathe a sigh of relief.

“Perhaps he will now U-turn on another broken election commitment to keep us in the Single Market.

“If he really is worried about the £2bn black hole this leaves in his Budget, he should announce that he wants Britain to remain in the Single Market, which will leave him a further £100bn black hole.

“It is good that the Chancellor has bowed to the inevitable after his Budget, but he is still committed to a policy that will do monumental harm to the UK economy.

"The Conservatives have bodged every budget since the election and have lost the right to call themselves the party of business. They are simply not thinking about the 'just about managing' who are struggling with the Brexit squeeze.They are lumbering from one U-turn to another and are clearly panicking.

“It is clear that you can’t have a hard Brexit and a strong economy.”


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