Wefan Gymraeg

The Campaigns & Communications Committee

The members of the Committee are:

Julian Tandy The Executive Officer for Campaigns & Communications and Chair of the Committee
Jane Dodds MS The Party Leader
Glyn Preston The representative of the Welsh Young Liberals
John Miller Ordinary Member
Chris Passmore Ordinary Member
Sally Stephenson Ordinary Member
Anne Williams A co-opted Candidate Assessor
Leena Farhat The Party's Diversity Officer (non-voting)

You can find out more about each member of the committee by clicking on their name.

Contact the Campaigns & Communications Committee: [email protected]


The responsibilities of the Committee are:

  1. Communicating with journalists and the press;
  2. Non-election campaigning;
  3. Digital campaigning, including maintaining the Party’s presence on social media platforms;
  4. Managing the campaigns for by-elections to the Senedd;
  5. Managing Wales-wide election campaigns;
  6. The Party’s presence at external events of national importance;
  7. Maintaining and executing the processes of approving and selecting Parliamentary candidates;
  8. Working with the Membership Development Committee to ensure adequate training and mentoring systems are in place for candidates and would be Parliamentary candidates;
  9. Acting as the Party’s brand ambassadors by encouraging consistent branding on all materials produced by the Party, and local and regional parties in Wales;
  10. Campaigning in and communicating to diverse communities; and
  11. The discharge of such other functions as the Conference or the Constitution shall allocate to it.

Further details can be found in the Party's constitution.




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