Wefan Gymraeg

Cardiff Central

If you have any problems or questions about any aspect of this selection, please contact the Returning Officer (Julian Tandy) by email at [email protected].


Due to social distancing restrictions, we've had to make some changes to how we conduct the hustings element of the selection.

The hustings was held digitally on the 1st August, with questions submitted in advance. Click here to watch the recording: https://youtu.be/rgsK490EjvM

Rodney Berman

ManifestoEnglish - Cymraeg

Members Mailing: English - Cymraeg

Website: https://www.rodney4cardiffcentral.com


Our best chance to win here again (29/07/2020)

Let me run for you in Cardiff Central (13/08/2020)


Alex Meredith

Manifesto: English - Cymraeg

Members Mailing: English - Cymraeg

Website: https://alexmeredith.net


To Win in Cardiff Central We Must Change (07/08/2020)


Emma Sandrey

Manifesto: English - Cymraeg (None Submitted)

Members Mailing: English - Cymraeg (None Submitted)

Website: https://emmasandrey.wixsite.com/cardiffcentral


We must defend devolution with ambition and aspiration (31/07/2020)



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Selection Criteria


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