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Cardiff Lib Dems welcome support for a People’s Vote

Cardiff’s Lib Dems have welcomed suggestions that their demand for a debate on the People’s Vote could get support from the city’s ruling Labour group.

The Lib Dems had submitted a motion calling on Council to express its support for a final, meaningful and free vote (a “People’s Vote”) on any terms of departure struck with the EU. This would include an option to stay in the EU.

However, all reference to the People’s Vote was removed from the version sanctioned by the Council.

Cardiff Council Liberal Democrat Group Leader Cllr Joe Boyle commented:

We understand the Labour group is looking to amend what remains of our motion, with the leader of the Council, Huw Thomas, expressing personal support for a People’s Vote.

We therefore need to apply as much collective pressure as possible to ensure that our debate takes place.

This is too important to fudge, as I’m afraid the Labour party conference has attempted.

Therefore, any motion debated must include support for a People's Vote on the Brexit deal and must specifically state that any such People's Vote would include the option to vote to remain in the European Union.

Not all councillors will support a People’s Vote. However, whatever your views, we must be given the opportunity to express the will of the Council on an issue that will affect every resident in this city.

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