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Budget is ‘window dressing’ for Brexit

Commenting on the Spring Budget, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats and MP for Ceredigion, Mark Williams MP said;

“This was a budget promising optimism and prosperity for Britain.

“Yet what we’ve heard today is window dressing from a government that’s turned to managing the economic damage Brexit will cause.

“It speaks for itself. Borrowing will be up by £100bn, our growth forecast is down, our debt forecast is up, and £60bn has been hidden away as war chest to battle Brexit.

“From the Tories designating steel a low-priority industry, to the vulnerability of Bridgend Ford, and warnings that the price of food and fuel will rise, we are seeing what Brexit will mean for businesses, families and workers.

“Under George Osborne we were used to a white rabbit being pulled out of the hat at the end, yet this budget produced no white rabbit.

“This budget should have been about public services and ensuring the devolved administrations have the necessary resources to weather Brexit and provide quality public services. 

“While the extra money for Wales is welcome, this is a little more than a sticking plaster.

“Theresa May’s plan to take Wales and the UK out of the single market will do untold damage to our economy. What’s clear is that we can’t have a strong economy and a hard Brexit.”

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