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Brexit Must be put Back to the People

Following the defeat of Theresa May’s Deal in Parliament, the Welsh Lib Dems have claimed that a People’s Vote is the only way to end this Brexit crisis.

The defeat of Theresa May’s deal by 230 proves what we’ve long been saying, that there is no majority for any Brexit deal in Parliament.

It’s clear that Brexit cannot be solved by Parliament and that it must be put back to the people through a People’s Vote.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds said:

Brexit has become a national embarrassment, and this heavy and humiliating defeat for the Prime Minister is just the latest example of a very sorry saga. Theresa May’s deal is dead, she cannot attempt to have another vote on her deal.

Only decisive action will end this chaos, only a People’s Vote will solve this crisis. There is no Brexit deal that could be better than our current relationship or that could pass Parliament.

If Theresa May won’t support a People’s Vote, Jeremy Corbyn must immediately lend his full-throated support to a People’s Vote and throw the full weight of Labour behind the campaign.

The only solution to this Brexit impasse is to give the people the final say and the opportunity to choose an Exit from Brexit.

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