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Brexit can still be stopped

With one year to go until we leave the EU, the damage Brexit will do to Wales is becoming increasingly clear. It is not too late to stop Brexit and give Wales a better future.

The leave campaign presented Brexit as a panacea that would create a well-funded health service, plentiful affordable housing and a thriving economy that traded freely and effortlessly with the whole world. Unfortunately, the reality of Brexit is very different.

The EU have made it clear that Brexit can be stopped and the UK can stay in the EU. Brexit must be stopped to avert the danger it poses to Wales.

Jane Dodds, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats commented:

There is nothing inevitable about Brexit. We can stop Brexit and prevent the damage it will do to families, our economy, farmers, and our health and social care services. It will devastate the opportunities available to our communities and young people for decades to come.

We know the EU isn’t perfect, but that doesn’t mean we should just walk away. Every political institution from Parliament to the National Assembly for Wales and local authorities is flawed. We strive to improve these organisations, not abolish them and this is what we should be doing with the EU. The only way you can reform the EU is by being a part of it.

With the devastating consequences of Brexit now clearer than ever, it is right the public are asked whether they still want to continue down this path. The people must be given the final say on Brexit and the opportunity to choose an exit from Brexit. It’s clear only the Liberal Democrats are committed to giving the people a voice and fighting Brexit.

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