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Brexit Bribes Breach Bribery Act

In a letter published in The Times, Welsh Liberal Democrat Peer Martin Thomas has questioned whether the Government are in breach of the Bribery Act (2010) over plans to offer MPs money for their constituency to vote for the Brexit deal.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Lord Thomas of Gresford, QC said:

It’s vital our politics avoids trading votes for money.  If this wretched Brexit deal can only survive by diverting tax payers’ money to several compliant MPs’ constituencies to buy their support in ramming it through the House of Commons, we are all profoundly the losers. 

Wales desperately needs its fair share of the proposed Shared Prosperity Fund, intended by the government to replace the European Regional Support funds we will be losing on Brexit. It must be distributed according to need, and not influenced by corrupt deals with individual MPs.

Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson Ed Davey MP said:

With media reports that a desperate Number 10 is seeking to tempt Opposition MPs to back their Brexit deal by offering constituency favours, Liberal Democrats are right to call foul play.

The Government could be in clear breach of the Bribery Act. I am pleased David Gauke is now prepared to meet me to discuss this serious matter, and I will be seeking an early date.

Brexit should not be stitched up with backroom deals but sorted out with a people’s vote, with an option to remain in the EU.


Lord Thomas’ letter can be found here

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