Wefan Gymraeg

Welsh Lib Dem Big Ideas

Did you know that the idea of the Pupil Premium came from an ordinary member, proposed at Federal conference and then became our leading policy in Government in Westminster and in opposition in Cardiff Bay? Did you also know that concessionary fares for young people in Wales came from policy proposed by our youth wing at Welsh party conference?

We’re a party full of ideas, and the only party that gives members the opportunity to freely debate and decide on party policy – with great results!

We want to provide members with an opportunity to put forward and discuss policy ideas and solutions, separate to our formal conference procedures. This will give members an opportunity to float ideas, garner interest and bring policy back to a future conference. We hope it gives new members, and members who are uncertain about formally proposing policy to get involved.

How will it work?

  • Either register an interest before conference or at the registration desk, and tell us what policy problem or idea you’d like to discuss.
  • You’ll be allocated a time-slot to present your policy idea or solution. Make whatever use of the 15 minutes you want!
  • Members will then have an opportunity to ask questions, contribute ideas or comment on your idea.
  • When all ideas have been presented we’ll take a vote to indicate which problems or ideas members would like to see come back to conference in the future.

Please submit an outline of your idea, or find out more by contacting Rhys Taylor on [email protected]

Please note that Conference Committee and Policy Committee reserve the right to refuse or withdraw submissions if they are deemed to be discriminatory.

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