Wefan Gymraeg

Become a Candidate

Is 2020 the year that you decide to make a difference? Being a candidate is an empowering and an effective way to bring change to your local area, Wales and the UK.

We welcome applications from people from all walks of life: there is no such thing as a typical Welsh Lib Dem Member of the Senedd or Member of Parliament.  We want you to bring your unique background and talents to the Party!

Our approvals process is designed to be inclusive, transparent and clear. It assesses competencies and skills rather than qualifications and who you know.

Maybe you've been doing voluntary work, bringing up a family, or doing a job not directly related to politics. Your transferable skills will be recognised.

The application process

Applying is a two-stage process. We ask you firstly to complete and return a short application form after which you will be invited to a candidate Assessment Day.

The Day is split into five sections, with a mixture of written and spoken exercises. The impartial panel of assessors collates your results at the end of the day, and you will be notified of the outcome within two weeks.

No one assessing you sees your forms before the approval day to avoid any prejudice. You are marked on your performance on the day alone.

Application is the foundation for any member wishing to stand for both the Senedd and Westminster, and it also acts as the base for candidates wishing to stand for: Mayor, Police & Crime Commissioner, Scottish Parliament, and the London Assembly.

Getting Started

You can download everything you need here:

  1. Becoming a Liberal Democrat Candidate Information Pack
  2. Competency Framework for a Liberal Democrat Candidate
  3. Approvals Process - Application for Assessment
  4. Code of Conduct and Personal Declaration

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the the current social distancing regulations there are two important changes to the usual process.

  1. When applying, please submit your paperwork to BOTH [email protected] and [email protected] This will ensure it is picked up in timely fashion.
  2. For the time-being candidate Assessment Days will take place virtually, with spoken exercises using the party’s online meeting platform and the written exercises being completed on a computer. For you to take part in a virtual assessment you will need a computer with good, steady internet connection and the facilities needed (webcam, microphone and speaker) to allow you to partake in video conferencing. If you would rather not take part in a virtual assessment day you will be invited to take part in the usual face-to-face assessment as soon as is practical to run them again.