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Article 50 to be triggered: Mark Williams Responds

Commenting on news that Theresa May is to trigger Article 50 on the 29th March, Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Mark Williams said: 

“Theresa May is embarking on an extreme and divisive Brexit. She has rushed this through without a plan, and without a clue.

“On the day Theresa May is travelling the country claiming she wants to bring the United Kingdom together, she lets it be known she is about to cause damage and chaos with no plan to fix it. Her visit to Wales is all show.

“She has chosen the hardest and most divisive form of Brexit, choosing to take us out of the Single Market before she has even tried to negotiate. That’s why we believe the people should have the final say over the Conservative Brexit deal.

“Membership of the Single Market is vital for our economy and for the jobs of millions of people. Leaving the Single Market was not on the ballot paper in the referendum, it is a political choice made by Theresa May.

“You can’t have a rushed Brexit and a strong, united country.”

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