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Ambulance Waiting Times Continue to be Unacceptable

Responding to ambulance response times figures published today, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have stated ambulance waiting times are unacceptable and dangerous and stated that addressing the issue must be at the forefront of the Welsh Government’s priorities. According to the figures, just 51% of red calls are being met within their 8-minute target time.

Commenting, Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds MS stated:

“These figures are a tragedy. Targets aren’t even close to being met and ambulance response times have deteriorated further. We all understand the severe pressure the pandemic has placed on NHS, but these problems are not new.

 “If we are to reduce pressures on our ambulance services and A&Es, we must invest more in community healthcare and GPs. If people could get a GP appointment in reasonable time there would be far less pressure on emergency services.

“We also need action on social care, both to prevent high numbers entering emergency departments and to ensure people have safe environments to be discharged to following any emergency treatment.

"What really stands out is the huge variance in performance across Wales. People in rural areas pay their taxes the same as those in cities, it shouldn’t just be expected services will be worst.

“This situation cannot continue. The Labour and Plaid Cymru administration must do more to tackle this issue.”

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